A Vision for North Carolina

The recent pandemic has highlighted uncertainty about our institutions and economic future. We need someone in the senate who recognizes and solves our crucial problems while building on our existing strengths.

I’m ready and willing to serve.

Rebuilding The Economy

As an entrepreneur and nonprofit leader, rapidly growing the post-coronavirus economy is my main priority, and I’ll do this by:

  • Working to incentivize entrepreneurship and innovation programs through the Legislative process.
  • Fighting for our small and medium-size businesses to get critical support from the SBA and other organizations in this trying time.
  • Raising the minimum wage and bringing high paying jobs to our area

Increasing Educational Opportunity

Investments made in education pay huge dividends to our communities across decades. It is our responsibility to prepare the next generation of leaders.

  • We must start with paying educators a Professional, Livable Wage.
  • Improve our per-student investment by making smart investments in STEAM classes.
  • Removing systemic barriers for all students, while maintaining a full slate of schooling opportunities from college prep to vocational training.